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Arrival: Dolazak
Departure: Odlazak

Krepičevac Monastery

Krepičevac Monastery is located approximately 6 km north of Jablanica village, in picturesque landscape of Radovanska river (43°51'12.79" N21°51'1.33"E). This holy place can be reached by dirt road. The church has rectangular triconch with narthex on the west side, no dome and a gable roof, while the iconostasis found inside is painted.  The church was built in the late 15th or early 16th century. The portraits preserved on the north wall of narthex tell the story about the founders. There are pictures of the founder - Georgije, his wife Zora and his son Manojlo, while founder’s inscription is damaged. The church is dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and is the home to one of the most beautiful and well-selected galleries of frescos from its time. In the bottom part of the south wall, in front of the iconostasis, there is a niche with a fresco of a sleeping old man Joseph the Hesychast, who was probably the first abbot of Krepičevac Monetary.  The wall above the church entrance contains a painting of Mary, mother of God with Christ, while a bell tower was recently built southwest from the church.  Krepičevac has been used until 1980s as a women monastery, while it is now served by priests from Boljevac. Close to the monastery there is a fountain, that abounds with water during the entire year. On the hill, south of the church lies the monastery graveyard and further east are the remains of monastery lodgings.