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Hotel Ramonda Rtanj

Ramonda Hotel is situated in the heart of the mysterious Rtanj Mountain which has been intriguing, fascinating and healingfor centuries. Like the autochthonous Ramonda flower from this mountain, it is fit in a natural environment and created for those who expect more from vacation. Natural materials, modern design, panoramic windows with open views, personalized services, with special attention to every detail - make this boutique hotel the perfect place to enjoy and relax.


Hotel Ramonda has 58 modern designed rooms and suites, where guests can enjoy the full comfort and take advantage of all the benefits of Rtanj Mountain. Each of the accommodation units includes a free mini bar with non-alcoholic drinks, electric kettle with coffee and tea as well as Nespresso machine. Some units have a terrace with direct access to the artificial pond. All suites have a kitchen. Guests have free Wi-Fi and LAN internet access. Parking is free with 58 parking spaces. There is a playroom for children and a children's menu offer.

* Architecture is a flower *

"The project of the Ramonda Hotel in Serbia does not imitate nature but draws its energy, and the logo is a flower that is always reborn"

This is regenerating architecture, which is hospitable, created in a mythical place, called, not accidentally, by the name of a flower. Its location belongs to the Carpathian chain, about two hundred kilometers southeast of Belgrade, on the mountain Rtanj, 1,565 meters high, known for its precise pyramidal geometry of golden section, a mythical place that was considered the residence of the ancient gods of Serbia.
The building is located in a forest, within a nature reserve, on the slope of the sacred mountain. For kilometers around there are no other settlements except the remains of an abandoned mine and a mining settlement. Opened in 2019, Ramonda Mountain Hotel & Spa offers 21 accommodation units, suites or rooms, an indoor pool, a spa and a spectacular outdoor bio-pool filled with mineral-rich water from a source discovered in the 14th century. Filtered only from plants and natural algae, the water flows down the regeneration into the swimming pool in a series of gentle steps. The project is related to this place, as architects Valerija Fa Milić and Vladimir Milić, authors of the Belgrade studio Unihouse, explain: “Instead of imitating the shapes of the surrounding nature, we interpreted the natural forces that created this ambience, this relief, cuts and crests of mountain ridges. “.
Reimagining the tectonic and climatic forces that transformed the landscape, the architects transcended them and presented them with spatial articulation and volume coordination. They created a dialogue between the massive and rigid presence of mountainous terrain and the liberated, multifaceted structure of the roof surface. According to them: "The project was coordinated as a kind of symphonic drama, which led us to create forms that do not imitate rock formations from the surrounding nature, but have the same tectonic and genetic origin."

Everything else comes from this identity: facilities designed for the comfort and satisfaction of guests, from private spaces, to restaurants and terraces, from lounge bars to a small library with a rich collection of comics, from fluidly changing views indoors and outdoors, to tactile quality traditional materials, from the universal presence of water to the natural ambience of the bio-pool.
Developed on an area of ​​3,800 square meters and built at a price of 5.5 million euros, the hotel got its name and logo from an endemic local plant - Ramonda serbica, known as the flower - phoenix, which even after being dried and imprinted in the pages of the book for many years, when it returns to the water, it resumes life. In exactly the same way, the hotel aims to revitalize the guest and renew his energy!
Between water and matter, light and trees, for the authors, this architecture of Lingua Franca is between the built and the natural environment, between man and his nature.

Several collections of Florim ceramics were used in the project: the La Roche series, reminiscent of thick and layered stone, was set up in the Lounge Bar; the Flowtech collection of metal effects was chosen for the fireplace; the Maps collection used in bathrooms reinterprets the austerity of concrete; and the sense of authenticity and reference to the manual processing of the material is marked by Matieres de Rex, who was chosen as the Wellness Center.

The author
Virginio Briatore

Published in May 2021.  (before new  blok was open) on the portal of the Italian Ceramic Industry Association:

Ramonda Mountain Hotel & Spa
Valerija Fa Milic & Vladimir Milic Unihouse Studio

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