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Arrival: Dolazak
Departure: Odlazak


Pećura is a spring in Krivi Vir village that is a part of the river source of Crni Timok. This spring is actually the source of Crni Timok river, which consists of two springs that aren’t connected with each other. The main source of the reiver is located at the beginning of Pećurska gorge, where water partially springs beneath the rocks and partially from the cave in slightly varying, but constant flow that never runs dry. The second source is weaker and is found in a small cave, near the remains of an old mill and it often dries out during the summer. Before the Second World War, there was a functioning small hydropower plant at the very source of Crni Timok river. It supplied the village with electricity. Pećura cave complex consists of 3 caves and one thermal spring, which temperature reaches 21-22 degrees Celsius. Krivi Vir is considered the epicentre of Timok Uprising and it is where the career of the famous Serbian writer Mir-Jam strated.